Wednesday, March 23, 2011

42 Days with Huck Finn 31:42

We float down great wetness.
Then J.I.M. was captured from his flight,
"LORD" Huck prays "get me out of messiness!"
He knows you can pray a lie with all your might,
but a lie can not take hold.
JIM would be sent to his last breath:
"N'Orleans"; if Huck did not grab hold,
of JIM and save him from death.

The Son of man; 
The skies, the heavens, the earth the tomb,

Wherein we rest till then;* 

B'twixt two paths Huck toys 
with writing a letter that told 
the Widow of JIM'S certain doom.

Among the smell of saw dust Huck conquers the crest,
on the Road to Lafayette his feet did ran,
Huck ran and ran till his heart thumped in his breast.
40 pieces of trade for JIM sparked this plan;
the Dauphin then bought bottles of Old Crows.
All Huck wanted now, was his robot and some relief
from troubles brought by "Rapscallion Crows",  
                                          With gunshots of belief.*

*Form and italic quotes: 

  • by  George Gascoigne 1542-1577
  • Italics from Gascoigne's Good-morrow.

Davie, Donald. The New Oxford Book of Christian Verse. Oxford Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press, 1981. pg 27

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