Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poetry Old Addresses Forgiven

I write 
1893 miles from-
the start of the connect 
the dot puzzle,
(Start) Lakeland Florida
to Atlanta Georgia,
to Chattanooga Tennessee
to St. Louis, Missouri,
to Lawrence, Kansas,
to Denver, Colorado,
up to my home Longmont.
29.5 hours trapped
behind the steering
wheel, and day dreaming
like a little train headed
across I-70 and down I-75.
I think I see a picture 
emerge, one that looks 
like a rabbit 
with an enormous 
carrot. Did you 
think I would 
be crass?
Or sick?
Use teenage boy humor 
to amuse his friends? 
Did you perhaps, 
want me to disturb
Well too bad, so sad 
for the route
is long

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