Tuesday, March 22, 2011

42 Days with Huck Finn 30:42

Ernest Leonard Blumenschein

"Where's was yous when lights grew dim",
says King to Huck, "They ate our hide. 
Our lives turned white like lilies.
Townies were ready to give us a trim.
And Huck you, like an Ostrich hide.
You will do what the king's will is." 

To sing by and by, comes the day.

"I scampered swiftly away"
says Huck, "I was in a fright! 
I ran so quick that heads of lilies
turned towards my dismay.
I did not want to take flight,
but I do what our LORD's will is."

To sing by and by, comes the day.

Form based on Verse 

  • by William Dunbar fl. 1547-1549 
  • "To Sing, by, by lullay"-as a change of voice is based on The Endris Night 15th Century.

Davie, Donald. The New Oxford Book of Christian Verse. Oxford Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press, 1981. pg 5 

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