Monday, March 28, 2011

42 Days with Huck Finn 34:42

True Southern Hospitality?

Tom and Huck arrive, to JIM's benefit.
Hear the thump, thump, thump, of a buried heart.
JIM was buried in a shed full of shit.

As by the truth he gets no other light,
But to see Vice, a restless infinite.

The flies loved 'em He was their true sweetheart.
Tools disregarded use, once were like star-dust,
but now were forgotten, laid in disgust.

They showed True Hospility: hypocrite,
great actors, (John Wilkes Boothe), Southern Art
there is a difference between showing
                                     and knowing
Excuse it, as just that Southern Way.

A boat, to which the world itself is Sea, 
Wherein the mind sails on her fatal way.

sun, soaked illusions, set in the mire 
to serve, to honor, to love and obey
works, and works, and never does retire
until the sun sets and ends the long day.

Tom and Hom working in secret, at night,
        scratching out freedom
to release JIM into the truth set in light
        they scratch out freedom  
breaking laws of Jim Crow is a delight
There is no reason to complain
about the Sear Sucker's bane.

Poem and form was based on Faulk Greville's sonnet 96.   

Greville (Lord Booke) 1554-1628, is said to haunt one of the Towers at Warwick Castle.
He was murdered by a servant, Ralph Hayward in 1628.  

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