Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Old Addresses Moved On From 

150 South Clarkson
Dog friendly Washington "Spot"
Ordering Fat Tire

I know I need to move on from these old places.  Wow! It seems so long ago that I frequented these Spots....but sometimes they mess with my head... old dreams and old places are clogged up in my memory....Feelings of loss for every place I dreamed of living in.    I pray that these dreams can get unclogged from the space inside my mind that I hold onto.  I also pray that my quest has not distanced me too far from old friends and old places.   I pray also that I forgive my own mistakes and people that may have tried to harm me along the way.    I pray that one day all will be made full in the likeness of my LORD Jesus Christ, the ultimate balm for all that we use to do harm.   (I know this is not a necessarily a Christian website but my principals are shaped as a reformed Christian).   

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