Friday, December 17, 2010

Future-land Book Groups

No writer creates from scratch-we all engage in what Isaac Newton called, "standing on the shoulders of Giants."  We borrow, plunder, and remix the art and culture created by those around us and by our literary forebears.-Cory Doctorow in his book Little Brother.

What is the future of book clubs? How can libraries help reach and create communities of readers?  What or how do you engage online kids who do not gather in traditional ways. One place that works really good for Readers is Library Thing and Good Reads.
A good question, and here are some ideas.

1. Virtual Clubs  Does the club have to be in person? Could one do a game/virtual club.  They get points for reading certain book themes.  Then they get their picture or name posted on a board in a public place proclaiming their rank to the world.    (Everyone wants to be the pinball wizard, the high score earner).

2. One book One City  I remember when the Denver Public Libary did a Denver Reads book, and that was the official book for all of Denver. They had a lot of copies that could be checked out. You could create a club like that quarterly. Or twice a year. Or even once a year. That way you create a community of readers.

3. Tie in to Media  Mayhem in the Am. Get the hosts of Mayhem on the A.m. to do your PR by inviting them to partake in a Library Book Club where they read the book as a team and discuss it on air. Inviting callers to do the same. (Mayhem is the local Lakeland morning show on 1430 AM....) 

I am thinking that the bricks and mortar of the Library works well but sometimes we need to expand the walls due to there not be a traditional time where everyone can meet together.

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