Thursday, December 16, 2010

Page 36 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 (Raymond Chandler)

Game 3: See Rules below.  The object is to continue a conversation with an author,  from a sentence of that author.
The girl at the desk in the Kenworthy said, "The man called you three times.  Lieutenant but he wouldn't give a number.  A lady called twice.  Wouldn't leave name or number."
Raymond Chandler The Simple Art of MurderShort Story: Spanish Blood (A future Look at this scene.)
My automated voice answering service told me when I checked my phone.   My friends had been attempting to call me, and they assumed I knew who it was that called.  Go figures.   I tried the voice recognition software that I had installed on my phone, but the phone came up with a possibility of 20 girls and 20 boys total.  Should I call each person.   That seemed time consuming, and some of those people I would rather not talk to.   Technology offered solutions but at a price.  What a price?  Time was supposed to be saved by technology, but now I felt obligated to call each of the forty people and see if they were the one.   Are you the one who called me.  Yes or no,  I should write an email to all my friends, but then  I would seem out of touch with reality.

Oh technology, thou art, a time consuming succubus.

Rules of the GameChoose any book in your library (fiction is best).  With the book in your hands, turn  the page to your current age.  Mine is 36, so I will be using page 36 of that book.   From the first full paragraph on that page, type/write out the first sentence.  Then from that sentence write, for one minute, (start out small) timed.  Allow yourself to write anything that comes to your mind, for a whole minute. Do not self censor.  Music may aid in this discover writing.   Rush type it.   Be sufficiently caffeinated. Don't work for quality, work for continuous writing.  Just keep typing the whole minute.  Don't stop.  Don't think, just write.

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