Friday, December 10, 2010

Deli Clerk Has Work To Do

The customer yelled at the Deli Clerk, "You suck, you have no all."
She lit the air with her anger.
The deli clerk was trying his best, but today was not a good day. 

"There are days your best isn't close to being good enough."

Where did this comment originate? Why did it fall on the clerk?  Why this moment and not the next.  The customer had built up to this moment; she awaited a moment when she would be able to tell someone off.

The tension of the day had mounted, bill collectors, unsatisfied customers, angry bosses, annoying coworkers, boredom, her kid's Christmas wishes hanging in balance, all had boiled up to this moment in the grocery store.

And now she had her moment.
She did not hesitate.
She aimed and fired.
The flare of angered synapses hung in mid air.
The clerk stood stun and look back with a filthy grin, and a deadened look.  Mam, you can feel anyway you like but you can't stop me from helping you. Bring it on.  I got a job to do.

Prayer: Let us remember that we are all humans striving to find a way home or a way from the void.   Let us pray that we are patient with each other during this mad holiday rush.   Let us help each other make it a great holiday season.

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