Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Page 36 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 (Gary W. Babb)

Here is something fun. Choose any book in your library (fiction is best).  With the book in your hands, turn  the page to your current age.  Mine is 36, so I will be using page 36 of that book.   From the first full paragraph on that page, type/write out the first sentence.  Then from that sentence write, for one minute, (start out small) timed.  Allow yourself to write anything that comes to your mind, for a whole minute. Do not self censor.  Music may aid in this discover writing. Written to the Podcast Ones and Zeros.
  Rush type it. Don't work for quality, work for continuous writing.  Just keep typing the whole minute.  Don't stop.  Don't think, just write.
One site that is really good at this is the One Minute Writer.

Here is my example: from Earth is Ours by Gary W. Babb:

In spite of everything, life had been good and he had been blessed with another soul mate to share life after he had lost Linda.
Losing Linda was traumatic one day she was there, the next day she was gone.  One day on the counter, there was a not that read: Dear Gregorio.  I can't stand this anymore.  You have been lazy, refusing to help me with the chores.  You sit there all day in front of the computer, and do not say what you said you would do.   We use to have such fun together and now you have become one of those ugly mean who wear wife beaters to K-Mart.

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