Monday, December 20, 2010

Page 36 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 (Rick Reilly )

Game 7

And so the first-ever golf course Cow Chip Bingo game was, uh, formed.   
Shanks for Nothing  Rick Reily

Those were the wild days when my buddies and I would find a cow pasture and just play hack a ball.  We would play the ball where it laid no matter where it laid... we would watch for the farmer with the shot gun who had said, "You nasty kids stay off my farm."  But we were kids and we would all pile up in my pass me down Ford Taurus station wagon and head out onto Nelson Avenue.  We would find the old farmer asleep on Sundays watching John Elway help his hapless Broncos.  And we would take our clubs out of the back of the station wagon and start playing what we had titled "Cow Chip Bingo", because sometimes the ball would land in a cow pie and we would whack the literal shit off the ball.   We would be all mucked up by the dirty digging in the farmers field.  
Our parents would ask, "Where the heck have you been."
And we would say, "We were on old Ned's Farm playing golf."
That way of golf was probably what the Scottish hooligans had first in mind when they decided it a good thing to play, hack a ball, or cow chip bingo,  then some hifalutin old blarney who wanted to elevate the game to something respectable decided we need to play this game on the links.   

Rules of the Game
Choose any book in your library (fiction is best).  With the book in your hands, turn  the page to your current age.  Mine is 36, so I will be using page 36 of that book.   From the first full paragraph on that page, type/write out the first sentence.  Then from that sentence write, for one minute, (start out small) timed.  Allow yourself to write anything that comes to your mind, for a whole minute. Do not self censor.  Music may aid in this discover writing.   Rush type it.   Don't work for quality, work for continuous writing.  Just keep typing the whole minute.  Don't stop.  Don't think, just write. 
Happy 37th Birthday to Me, bring on 37 more

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