Sunday, December 19, 2010

Page 36 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 (John Irving)

Don Quixote is my Ideal...
Dreaming of Saving his Damsel in

If there is a Damsel that wants saving.
Game 5
Socially, Jenny had that kind of graceless seriousness which  makes more frevilious people uncomfortable.
The World According to Garp John Irving

And boy I was one of those frevilious people, while she saved every cent to pay for her college, I was out with friends from the Nederlands.   I did not care what tomorrow would bring, as long as their were friends and plenty of drink.   But now I was supposed to have the bus money to get back to Egypt, and I was short of funds.   Man oh man.   What was I supposed to do, there was Jenny and there was me penniless.  Heck, what would you do if you were in the same situation?  I did not want to get stuck in Israel.  I tried to say no to my friends who wanted to take me out one more night.   But I couldn't turn them down.   I knew when I was spending that money that the money was going to be needed to get back, so why did I spend it?  I guess I was forced to be a vampire to the frugal Jenny.   I also knew that by asking her for funds there would be no chance for anything good out of it.   I would be missing my chance to make love to her, because she would see me as a frivolous man.  Oh the dangers of chasing windmills posed as giants.

Rules of the GameChoose any book in your library (fiction is best).  With the book in your hands, turn  the page to your current age.  Mine is 36, so I will be using page 36 of that book.   From the first full paragraph on that page, type/write out the first sentence.  Then from that sentence write, for one minute, (start out small) timed.  Allow yourself to write anything that comes to your mind, for a whole minute. Do not self censor.  Music may aid in this discover writing.   Rush type it.   Don't work for quality, work for continuous writing.  Just keep typing the whole minute.  Don't stop.  Don't think, just write.   Then when you are finished read the page 36 from the chosen book, and compare your prose to the authors.

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