Friday, January 28, 2011

Tending the Classics-42 Days with Huck Finn 9:42

Chapter 9:
Poem Influenced by Gary Snyder's Form.

Facing Freedom
Illinois, Away!
For Jim to escape Bonds.

In the island cave,
protected, hard rain-drops.
blue black- outside.

Birds cover up-hunker down.
Natural signs.
God floods green banks.

With dead loot, We got home all safe.


A house floats down the Mississippi, this is probably where Huck got his hat:

"De man ain't asleep -- he's dead. You hold still -- I'll go en see."
He went, and bent down and looked, and says:
"It's a dead man. Yes, indeedy; naked, too. He's ben shot in de back. I reck'n he's ben dead two er three days. Come in, Huck, but doan' look at his face -- it's too gashly."
I didn't look at him at all. Jim throwed some old rags over him, but he needn't done it; I didn't want to see him. There was heaps of old greasy cards scattered around over the floor, and old whisky bottles, and a couple of masks made out of black cloth; and all over the walls was the ignorantest kind of words and pictures made with charcoal. There was two old dirty calico dresses, and a sun-bonnet, and some women's underclothes hanging against the wall, and some men's clothing, too. We put the lot into the canoe -- it might come good. There was a boy's old speckled straw hat on the floor; I took that, too. And there was a bottle that had had milk in it, and it had a rag stopper for a baby to suck. We would a took the bottle, but it was broke. There was a seedy old chest, and an old hair trunk with the hinges broke. They stood open, but there warn't nothing left in them that was any account. The way things was scattered about we reckoned the people left in a hurry, and warn't fixed so as to carry off most of their stuff

Chapter 9: 42 Days with Huck

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