Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crops: Why Read Science Fiction?

I read Science Fiction because it brings me hope in a a new world.  We yearn to go forward in our technology.  We yearn to find new ways to hard questions.  We don't look back we look forward to a time when the economy improves.  We get out of debt and we find our way home.   We strive to organize the battle of minds.

But now it seems that time is slipping backward.

NASA is dead.
  We look back at hope as if it is an archeological find in the vast dessert of our isolation.   We look towards reading fantasy, a time when things were better.   The hope of going where no man has gone before has slipped into the medicinal ether.    We only want to hold our cars up with duck tape, and hope that someone, or something will come and save our day.
Would John Wayne stand for the wimpy American Men today? Have we grown to old? Have we put those foolish notions back into the toy box with Captain America?  Down dark ether filled hallways.  Life is sterile.  Life is dull.

Is this what happens when after 20 years of finding our way against an unknown enemy, we finally give into the entropy of our large bulk?

I pray someday we will find our way!

For now I flip my cap inside out, and hope to rally, limping  into a bright new promise.

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