Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crops: Grandma and Boy Feed Ducks

A little red head boy, named Bernard.  Bernard wears a purple and gold Minnesota vikings uniform.  The viking uniform is a gift from his grandfather.  His grandma Pearl, has brought him to Washington Park, to feed  his friends the ducks.    Her blue Olds-Mobile is parked at South high school.  He feeds bread crumbs to the stream.  She tells him stories of Jewish Lore of a long time ago, and a village far far away, a place she calls Suffern New York.   She speaks of the Golem of Suffern, something that was a secret only known to the Rothbard family.

The ducks gobble the crumbs up. The boys feeds more crumbs into the crystalline stilled lake.  The thrown Arrow white bread creates ripples in the still chilled water.   The ripples spread out.   Stilled and then splash, the ducks move towards the white pieces of bread soaking in the water.  Harmony resounds. The Gargoyle on top of South High School smiles at the beauty of the scene.

 One does not see the smile because it is slight, and he is made of stone, and micro-feasures on stone do not show up unless one looks putting their head on the rock.

Ripples Spread Out! 

Mix Up:

South Highschool is near Washington Park, it has stone statues of gargoyles on its roof tops.  What if the Gargoyles are hungry and seeing that the little viking boy is feeding the duck, they also want to feed.
What would they eat? How do they eat?  Why is there a problem?  What could possible go wrong?


How will the problem be resolved?  Death is always a way?  What would kill a gargoyle?  FIRE KILLED THE GREAT GOJI!?  IS THE HUNKY PUNK A REBELIOUS LITTLE IMP? (YUP).   Is there a reason that South High School put Gargoyles on their roof tops?  What about the bell tower?

"All sabre-tooth mammals lived between 33.7 million and 9,000 years ago, but the evolutionary lines that led to the various sabre-tooth genera started to diverge much earlier."

The Saber Tooth tiger head sat in the middle of the Denver Museum of Natural History. An assortment of coins, dollars and miscellaneous debris were held in a glass cylinder under the head. The head roared when one dropped money through the smiling canines. Kids gathered wanting hear the sound of an extinct tiger.

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