Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Revisers Toolbox: 3 Acts of My Story

Set Up
Mix Up
End Up

The following is a think aloud for the revision of a piece of my writing.  I wrote the piece a year ago, and am not content with the whole piece. I plan to make it gothic and something to do with Gargoyles.  If you are interested read the rest of the piece here.

Revising the piece that I wrote a year ago about me feeding the ducks.

Critique of piece: The story does not have wheels, its going nowhere,  there are some cool ideas here but overall the reader is not brought along for the ride.

Set Up:

A little red head purple clad German born three year has came to Washington Park in Denver, to feed his friends the ducks.
He feeds bread crumbs to the stream.
The ducks gobble the crumbs up in loving appreciation.

Mix Up:

South Highschool is near Washington Park, it has stone statues of gargoyles on its roof tops.  What if the Gargoyles are hungry and seeing that the little viking boy is feeding the duck, they also want to feed.
What would they eat? How do they eat?  Why is there a problem?  What could possible go wrong?


How will the problem be resolved?  Death is always a way?  What would kill a gargoyle?  FIRE KILLED THE GREAT GOJI!?  IS THE HUNKY PUNK A REBELIOUS LITTLE IMP? (YUP).   Is there a reason that South High School put Gargoyles on their roof tops?  What about the bell tower?

Continued Tomorrow with the story....

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