Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weeds: Beware the Hary Hornaday

Beware Harry Hornaday, He lurks at night, and is the enemy
of all poets.   He consumes creative conceptions.

Be Creative

Harry Hornaday is the arch rival of all poets,  artists, writers, and all who desire to create. He will cage you and make you a dull boy;  just like Jack when he only works, and never plays.  He is the monster that lurks and says to you late at night,
"Nah-that idea is bland.  Why try? Why do anything at all?  Just sit there and be?  Leave it alone?  Your not a writer?"

He is dangerous and will cage the most agile ideas.  Fear only brings him closer.  So write, create and find your voice, so that Harry Hornaday does not win the battle. And please what ever you do stop staring at my banana.

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