Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crops Revised: Ode to my love-bird Thelonious Sphere Monk:

Along with bass and piano, I was always at the spot, and could keep working on the music.
Subject:  Musician  

Just like the jazz man commanding attention,
she bops, bebops, her head up and down, up and down
really fast like, trying to find the gap in the cage, 
she wants to escape, once she did, 
but the world was too big and she flew back, to us.
she does dance around the room like a Whirlwind.
I want to reach out and control the bird, 
but if you try to touch her she bites down...hard.
But if you sit still and let her move
on her own accord 
she will lite on you shoulder for awhile.
And may sing an atonal tune, 
Until your hand comes near...
She has a bad habit of chewing on the words, 
of great authors. 
she has bitten a few pages of my bible; 
maybe a section that I need to pay more attention to.
  She is my free spirited bird; 
she plays her own song daily. 

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