Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harvest Reviewed-On Moral Fiction by John Champlin Gardner

On Moral Fiction On Moral Fiction by John Champlin Gardner
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A Cure Against the Postmodern Haze

This little book is a great defense against crap in fiction.  Gardner argues against the postmodern flotsam that is today considered high art.   Its high art all right, but it is not morally straight.
  The book is very helpful in create clarity in the haze that has been emitted by ivory towered tenured writers; who instead of making art that is clearly understood, make art that is just gibberish trash.  These professional writing types want to appear smart, but are really just plain arrogant egg-heads.

 I would add this book to my collection, because it is a great reference to understanding art today.
(This book is well served with a side dish of Francis Schaeffer.)

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