Friday, May 20, 2011

Reading Ventures

ABC's of The Broom in the System by David Foster Walace

Aa: Anarchist at Amherst his thing is to be a Waste Product, resides their doing everyone’s dirty work, done dirt cheap, of course.
Bb  Break through as a scent, a fragrance, that psychologist’s noses are trained to pick up.
Hello Bob a drinking game played at Amherst concerning the Bob Newhart show. 
Cc:  Cleveland-The fringe city by the G.O.D. 
Dd:  Desert a place on the Edge, you can wander with a wander pass, the desolation becomes quit crowded.
Ee: Emotive Control?  What is a feeling? What is the difference between story and reality?
Ff: Fringe and at the center-the Midwest. 
Gg:  Great Ohio Desert – a great place to plant deserts.
Hh: Hygiene Psychological Research:
Ii: Industrial Desert Design creators of G.O.D.
Jj: Jars of Nuclear Baby Food; Journals of professionals;  Jibberish tapped in Morris Code.
Kk:  Know what I Know.
Ll:  Mrs. Y gave my bird (Vlad the Impaler) LSD; Love Poems expressed immaturely.
Mm: You want to have your membrane and eat it too, in short hygiene psychology. Moses Cleveland.
The Midwest an area that Is and Is Not!
Nn: Nerves are delicate and can’t be messed with.
Oo:  Great OHIO Desert
Pp: You are not your penis.
Qq: Quilod Day;  “They don’t make me sleepy they make me feel elsewhere!”
Rr Raining Gelatinously
Ss: Shutes and Ladders; Symptomatic Skirts; Sperm in a Gasmask; Scarsdale Arizona; Sculpture of Steve;
Tt: A life Told not lived: telling and tillable.  There was a tree-frog living in the pit of her neck.  Great Threat Set; Telling and Tellable; Everyone Has Got a THING;  TAB Cola (The Eighties Cola).
Uu:  Lang Aimed at the Urinal Disk; Sun Umbrellas in the G.O.D.
Vv Vacumed Spit;  Linda Sue is the Voice you hear at the grocery store, “Change due four dollars”  
Ww Ludwig Wiitgenstein: story based on his ideas and principals.  Words create meaning.
Xx X Rays and Quality Film
Yy Years ago begins a told tale.
Zz Zeus god of the G.O.D. (Great American Desert)

A fun way to interact with books is to make a ABC list of words, ideas, and concepts found in the book.  Here is an example of ABC's of a Broom in the System by David Foster Wallace.   It gives a feel but does not tell of the story.   The letter X was a stretch but it kind of works.

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