Friday, May 13, 2011

Oakland USA

(Dream 110) One sees an ordinary house.
One knows it as an ordinary suburban development.
One sees a man wearing leather daisy dukes and a plume polo; anywhere U.S.A.
We don't know the mans name,  but we will call him Peter Abelard or just plain Pete.  Pete stands in the middle of his driveway.He bends over to pick up his can of gasoline.  His plume colored shirt barely fits his grand belly. One can see from the space created by his large girth that he is wearing ladies vermilion thong underwear.
Pete pours the gasoline and lighter fluid in a straight line between him and the street.   He pulls out a hard pack of Lucky Strike Cigarettes, stuck between his lower back and his ladies pink thong underwear.

He pulls out a match from the hard pack of smokes. Mr. Abelard  lights his cigarette, then throws down the match onto the line of gasoline, and lighter fluid.  A wall of fire sparks like a curtain.  He looks into the fire and thinks of his days in third grade at Harvey Lint Elementary School.

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