Thursday, May 26, 2011


Starbuck, Bildad, and Peleg enter.  Also are the part of Quee Queg, Ishmael, and Elijah.  They all stand on board the Pequod as it departs from shore.

Ye wanteth fame, than ye must leave of honor beatimes,
 and practice the difficult art of--going at the right time.*
Mr. Starbuck get our men into a furied motion,
blast em into their frame, and rouse them from their crimes.

Aye eye sir in this I will and you can trust.

Mr Starbuck drive em aft and be stearn.
_The girls in Booble Alley, to trolls they birth!(Sings a Silly Song under his breath) _
_The guys said goodbye and promised to be kind_
_And never to forget the fair girls in Berne_
Spring thou sheep-head and spring from your mirth.
(Captain Bildad's peg leg is in Ishmaels rearend).

Yes Sir, in the pastures I will not dine.
For To sever the good fellowship of dust
is to spoil the meeting,** dare I blaspheme?

Spring I say, Spring like an acrobat.
Is that how a merchant marine thrusts?
_Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood,
Stand dressed in living green.
So to the Jews old Cannaan Stood,
while Jordan rolled between.***_
to all ye boys we pray your return
for our station forbids us to combat!

to be young again and be able to go,
but our age has past, but we trust
that you will give it your all.
keep an eye on the hold below
and keep guard from desire and lust.

Bildad to Peleg: (An Aside)
I wonder if we will see Ahab again.

*Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book For All And None by Nietzsche, Friedrich*
**Words from The New Oxford Christian Verse: George Herbert
*** Direct Quote from Moby Dick page 103.
Italics means that the person is singing.

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