Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moby-Dick IV: Sonnet to Queequeq

The Noble Savage Be

Queequeq's shadowed stories: his fame increased.
"I feared distorted dreams that damnified,
a noble harpooners tattooed esquesse*.
Queequeg a ghost to my dormitory,
his spirit there before my very eyes."

He is there even when he was out and a mobile.
He strolls the market to fuel a Saturn Enterprise,
shrunken heads sold, but worn once by Captain Neill.

Queequeg a primitive from Eden's spring.

Queequeg, a face where men read strange content,
a tale of Eden, a lost home, with much lines regarding.

Noble Savage Be.     Alone.
                   Noble Savage Be.   Alone
                                     Alone to dwell betwixt thee.


*Esquisse Definition:  sketch, outline, beginnings, hint.  Said: eh skees

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