Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Scene: 6 AM. "Grey Imperfect Dawn."   Aboard the Pequod.
Ishmael(I) and QueQueeq(Q) are greeted by Elijah(E). A green smoke hangs in the air from Q's tomahawk pipe.

So I see ye did not heed but dare...
the Pequod, in dawns light is a beauty.

Who are ya to tell me where I dare,
I've signed my manifest, and will do my duty!

(He is the annoying prophet so he says things that may be truthful but he is a clown.  A clown who bothers in order to instruct.)
Amazing grace (starts singing loudly) to thee I sing
to all the sailors lost in time. (He plays a few notes from his 590 Big River Harp).

I envy no man'y Nightingale or spring,
let the Zephyr fill the sail, the time is prime.

(Act II)Starbuck, Bildad, Peleg stand on board the Pequod as it departs from shore.

Influenced by Chapter XXI of Moby Dick.

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