Thursday, May 5, 2011

Urban Legends in Verse:

Mind the Light

Jim left work early, and without delay,
his stroll strong; he carried waste,
with him.  An amateur electrician enthusiast,
 held a light, from a repair done yesterday.
He felt like a rebel, a hippie, an outcast 
who had been cut from the prime-cast. 
Jim entered the station on Broadway,
he took the light rail home where he 
would be free to rest, to relax again.
He stood, not wanting to break the light, 
as the car filled up with elderly.
Finally there were no seats to ascertain, 
so others were forced to stand in the cart. 
The cart went swift so all looked for a part, 
a hand-hold, to relax their beating heart.   
A man grabbed a hold, found the light  held by Jim;
Jim departed and left the light with him.

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