Saturday, May 28, 2011


 XXIV The Advocate and XXV Postscript

Elijah's Soliloquy- Elijah appears in clown make-up and wearing a harpooners outfit, enters the stage all alone, he stands in the spotlight.
Stage Direction: There is a small nightstand table with a glass of red-wine, and leaning nearby is an oversized harpoon, perhaps dripping with blood.


You know a whale man, but I give my word,
you don't.  To the whaleman I lift my glass;
a man of noble class, if my wit does afford.
Do you think of the harpoon's coup de grace?
Do you think of baby seal's bludgeoned face?
Do you shriek at the thought of that history.
But this is not the half, dare to look again.
Let them fire salutes to their honor and glory.
Ah to the world! Oh to the world so virgin,
when whalers first sailed out for glory and win.
Blue images of 900 foot whales so went their story.
Liberators of the New World to Isabella's chagrin.
Whalers carried missionaries to their congregation
of the sinners saved, let the Church bells ring.
Whaling ships were my Yale, I did not attend alone.
           Say what you will.
                            No dignity given to whaling?
           Say what you will.
                            No dignity given to whaling
But I give the Queen and King this light,
Your coronation is, I say in peace not strife,
anointed by Whale Oil. Are you in a fright.
Would you not give dignity, to the whaler's life?

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