Monday, May 30, 2011


Starbucks's Speech to Crew

(Starbuck stands at the head of the ship, and addressess his crew as they have just left the lee shore).

Renegades-castaways but to me brave,
keep your courage and keep hope in eye,
my brother and pa made the sea their grave.
full fathom five in honor's rest they lie.
I leave my wife, my home, and tended roses;

for the ocean's mist and  a whale we want to die.
A heavy balance these are our crosses.

Do not lie about your fear - do not lie.
A lie will fester and twist your soul,
this venture will succeed by cooperative's
power, shared.  The white whale is our goal.
By God's power and will we will survive,
to see our homes, and the tended roses.

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