Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moby-Dick: XIV Nantucket

Walrus Dreams

Nantucket, a sandy shore- "Entropic Mistress".
Where Ambrosia did not root and didn't bother.
Where sailors found a harbor from the tempest.
Nantucket born from a mythical mother
who's talons stole the native from his womb.
Where farms died and there was no husbandry.
Where life was lived within a scrimshaw tomb.
Nantucket born from a people with little posterity;
who fought to retain their stolen youth mightily.
Where men ventured out to sea in their prime.
Where widows were left and kept their eye on the sea.
Nantucket  born from ivory bones taken before their time.
       Where whaling life was lived stubbornly,
               and where walrus dreams come to be.

Rhyming Structure is based on Shakespeare's Sonnets #3

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