Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love searching the cheap C.D.'s at Walmart,  maybe just maybe I will find that one essential album that will draw me closer to completing a cool library. There really is no end to the quest, but the quest is what makes life fun.  So what C.D. did I get along with my sponges, rubbing alcohol, and Laundry Detergent?  
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell of course, and got at $7.00. So why Meat Loaf?  Why not?  One may argue that he is a complete corncob. His music is not serious.  He is way too soapy-operatic.   And I could not argue with you on any of these points.  So why Meatloaf and Bat out of Hell? Well it’s the flaws that make it great.   It is corncob.  It is not serious.  It is soap operatic.  Not all great things are measured by the critical standards. Some albums are just fun.   

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