Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reading Ventures

Alphabet for I Claudius:
Aa: Augustus supreme ruler
Bb: Books when they grow out of date only serve as wrapping for fish.
Cc: Carthage a menace to Rome.
Dd: Dwarfs, cripples deformities brought bad luck.
Ee:  Elephant stomped the crap out of the Rhinoceros.
Ff:  "When was the fall of Rome?" said professor Rampton to the class of freshman western civilization students.
Gg: Gaius.
Hh: His is an old man's game.  Half wits restore popular liberty.
Ii: Imperial Households are dysfunctional in their own ways.
Jj: Janus roman god of beginnings.
Kk: Keres female spirits of death.
Ll: Literary sauce is tiberius.
Mm: Mystery cults served only by the chaste so the goddesses anger appeased.
Nn: Nero not the Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.
Oo: Scope and opportunity persuade men to virtue or compel men to truth.
Pp: Pear Tree Charged with murder.
Qq: Everyone's queer but Caligula.
Rr: Reading more just makes me a greater fool.
Ss: Siring Strong Soldiers for Rome.
Tt: Tiberius name is innapropriate becasue the Tiber runs fast.
Uu:  Uxoriously
Vv: Vestal Virgins an honored position for women. They could free condemned prisoners and slaves by a mere touch.
Ww: What do ye need W's for.
XX: Xanthus, Achilles immortal horse.
Yy:  Yet again what did I say for W.
Zz: Zephyrus the God of the West Wind, the nicest and warmest wind...

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