Friday, May 27, 2011


The Lee Shore XXIII

Faunus:  (A goat looking man comes on the stage.  
A video of a ship shows on the back curtain. 
(Video Should be a ship that is a replica from the time period, 
 moving from the Lee Shore to the Open Sea). 

her only friend,
into cold malicious waves
her bitterest foe

Sometimes Melville goes off and describes things in detail that fill in details to the plot, but are asides.   The asides will be presented in Haikus or Soliloquies by various characters.   The retelling will also include some Greek Gods who can address the action from afar.  The four God's that will be presented are the Echoes, Furies, Faunus, and Fates.   Hope this clears up who are the characters outside of Melville's story. I hope this is an enjoyable experience to all my readers.

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